Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011


Der Beitrag über unsere Herbstwanderung in der japanischen Zeitung YOMIURI SHIMBUN ist erschienen.

Von einer lieben Bekannten aus Japan haben wir für alle Interessierten hier die englische Übersetzung:

Top Story: In Southwestern region of Germany, Rhein Hessen farmers are busy for harvesting grapes grown in abundance in the vineyards. The reporter enjoyed tasting Federweisser which is the sign of Autumn arrival at Oliver Janson's, who is representative owner of a winery.

Having added yeast into squeezed grape juice, it started to ferment before becoming wine. In Japan, the appearance looks like DOBUROKU, cloudy rice wine, so called Nigori-zake. (Nigori or nigorizake is a variety of sake, an alcoholic beverage produced from rice, 14
17% alcohol by volume.)
White thick juice tasted a little sweet and refreshing Carbonic Acid enclosed in the juice. Maybe an image of abundant grapes absorbed Summer Sun light and fresh Autumn Wind that passes through the vineyards.

Be carefull, this bevarage contains alcohol by volume whiich is almost same as beer. After drinking up many glasses of it, you will get heavily drunk. Orthodox way is to eat cake with onion sliced on top over Federweisser.

Mr. Janson conducts Hiking Tour to learn Wine Making for the guest, and they love it as good repuation.
I put picked pieces of grape in my mouth, visited gradient vineyards and experienced Wine Tasting.
Then I took a breath holding glass tilt of Winery Tour...

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